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How should the spacing of the secondary columns which stiffen the walls, vary with ceiling height, number of stories and the size of rooms?
Make column stiffeners furthest apart on the ground floor and closer and closer together as you go higher in the building. The exact column spacings for a particular building will depend on heights and loads and wall thicknesses. The numbers in the following table are for illustration only, but they show roughly what is needed.
Stories Gnd floor 2ndfloor 3rdfloor 4thfloor
1 2' - 5'
2 3' - 6' 1' - 3'
3 4' - 8' 3' - 6' 1' - 3'
4 5' - 4' - 8' 3' - 6' 1' - 3'
Mark in these extra stiffening columns as dots between the corner columns on the drawings you have made for different floors. Adjust them so they are evenly spaced between each pair of corner columns; but on any one floor, make sure that they are closer together along the walls of small rooms and further apart along the walls of large rooms.
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